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The news industry faces a crisis of trust.

Trusting News is helping solve it.

Thriving communities need access to information they find credible, a public square for deliberation, and news coverage that fuels curiosity and empathy.

But people aren’t getting what they need from the news. Many people feel left out of and disrespected by news coverage and don’t trust journalists to inform them or to facilitate conversations. They’re also unprepared to navigate a chaotic media environment and separate responsible journalism from misinformation.

We’ve been equipping newsrooms to demonstrate credibility and actively earn trust since 2016.

We stand in the trust gap between newsrooms and the communities they aim to serve, helping them understand each other. With research-backed, newsroom-tested strategies, we empower journalists to build a better relationship with the people they aim to serve. Whether you’re leading a newsroom, producing a newsletter or out on the streets reporting, you can take responsibility for earning trust. Here’s what that involves.


There’s plenty of irresponsibly produced information out there. We help journalists show their work is worthy of trust by sharing details about their mission, ethics and decision-making in day-to-day coverage.


Consuming the news can be exhausting and demoralizing. We help journalists understand what leads to distrust in the news so they can correct the record about their integrity and build relationships with new audiences.


Distrust happens when journalists fail to represent the values, views and experiences of parts of their community. We help journalists see how their own lens on the world shows up in their work and what to do about it.

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March 25- April 21: Knight course to help strengthen elections reporting 

What: Improve election coverage this year by learning how to center your reporting on your community instead of focusing on the horse race with this free course from the Knight Center, created in partnership with Solutions Journalism.

When: Register to take the course with live support here. Live coaching will be offered March 25-April 21. 


April 19: Apply to ‘Clarify your elections coverage’

What: This newly launched Trusting News program will help newsrooms tell a better story about the integrity and mission behind their elections coverage.  

When: The program runs May 6 – June 7, 2024. Applications are open through April 19.    



April 24: How journalists can champion news literacy and empower their communities

What: Trusting News Project Manager Mollie Muchna will join the National Press Club Journalism Institute for a discussion on news and information literacy and finding ways to help the public fact-check the information it interacts with

When: 11:30 – 12:30 p.m. ET, Wednesday, April 24. Register here.    


April 25: Frameworks to focus your 2024 election coverage

What: Trusting News Director Joy Mayer will join a conversation hosted by the American Press Institute on how mission statements for election coverage can help strengthen your position in your community. 

When: 1-2 p.m. ET, Thursday, April 25. Register here



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