Helping journalists earn news consumers’ trust

How do people decide what news is trustworthy? And how can journalists influence what users consume and share? This site offers guidance on those questions, which are crucial in an era when journalists struggle to stand out in a minefield of misinformation.
Journalists, your frustration around this issue is warranted, but please don't give into despair and hopelessness. There's a lot you can be doing to tackle this huge issue.
Our most recent work is based on 8,728 user questionnaires and 81 in-depth interviews, conducted by journalists in these newsrooms. We've turned the insights gathered into concrete strategies for newsrooms, and we're testing them now.
Is your newsroom interested in earning trust? We'll be bringing on more newsrooms in January. Apply to participate in the next phase of our project. With questions, contact project director Joy Mayer at joy@TrustingNews.org.
This website showcases social media work already conducted as part of the Trusting News project. With the help of 14 news outlets, we studied users' reactions to social media strategies designed to build trust. What we've learned can help journalists influence what the public chooses to believe, and to pass along. (In a rush? Jump straight to these ideas worth stealing or these DIY worksheets.)

We analyzed about 500 Facebook posts to identify strategies that gained reader trust — and those that didn't.

We tagged the posts by strategy, success rate, and newsroom to make them easy to search and learn from. 

Want to get started? These worksheets can help your newsroom discuss which approaches might work for you.