Training via text message

Tired of complaints about biased elections coverage and “fake news” from your audience? Let us help you get credit for the public service you’re providing — and the goals, ethics and fair processes that go into that work.

In a free 10-day SMS course, Trusting News will share tips for defending your work and building trust with your community. Start anytime. You pick the time of day, and you’ll automatically get one text each day that includes additional resources and examples. (Hurray for not having another Zoom call on your calendar!)

We know it’s been a challenge to plan for the elections amidst all the other breaking news happening in 2020. But if you’re a journalist who is working hard to be a reliable source for your community during this election season, don’t let your work be discarded as part of “the media.” Instead, defend your coverage, explain it, and demonstrate to your audience why you’re a credible source.

Through the 10-day course, you’ll learn about common misassumptions people make about your journalism and how you can defend your credibility and earn trust with your audience as you cover local and national elections.

The course includes tips and resources on topics like:
— Defending your work
— Telling your own story
— Meaningfully engaging with users
— Getting credit for the ethics and fairness behind your coverage


More resources:

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