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At Trusting News, we stand in the trust gap between newsrooms and communities. Simply put: We figure out what people don’t trust about the news and then help journalists address that mistrust head-on.

Wherever journalists are in their career and whatever their level of authority is in the newsroom, we help them build better relationships with and provide better coverage of the people they aim to serve. 

We help journalists and newsrooms:

Accept that they need to earn trust, not just expect it.
It is the journalists’ job to demonstrate what makes their work credible and worthy of trust.


Listen and engage with humility and empathy.
Journalists must invest in understanding the complexity of mistrust and how their coverage could be more accurate, more nuanced and more reflective of their community’s values.


Tell the story of their work’s purpose, integrity and processes.
Wherever people encounter journalism, there’s an opportunity to learn about how and why journalism is done.


Make actively earning trust part of the culture of journalism.
Trust-building strategies should be valued, prioritized and supported in newsrooms

Ready to start earning trust?

Here are some self-directed resources to get started

Trust Kits

These step-by-step guides break down big trust-building strategies into actionable steps for journalists and newsrooms. 

NewsU Course

This free, self-directed Poynter NewsU course covers the basics of how journalists can better earn trust. There is an international version too. 

Newsroom examples

Our database has hundreds of examples showing how both local and national newsrooms are using strategies to build trust with their audiences.

Dimensions of Difference

This newsroom culture guide, designed with Spaceship Media, supports newsrooms in creating more reflective content to reach diverse audiences.

Video trainings

Browse playlists on our YouTube channel, where you’ll fine quick tutorial videos on how to earn trust, as well as longer webinars and trainings walking you through trust-building strategies. 

Trust Tips

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Upcoming events

Join us at any of our upcoming events and trainings, and sign up for our Trust Tips newsletter to be alerted to additional opportunities to hear from our team. 

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Work with us

Whether you want quick help on a specific topic or a customized training and coaching for your newsroom, Trusting News staff can help you. Email our team to discuss bringing Trusting News strategies to your newsroom or classroom, or share how your newsroom is working to earn trust and demonstrate credibility. Or, connect with us on LinkedIn or X (formerly Twitter)