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Trusting News is leading a movement that empowers journalists to change their practices in order to earn trust, not just expect it.

In order to live up to their public service mission, journalists need to listen and engage with humility and empathy, and they need to tell the story of the integrity behind their work and what role journalism plays in communities. We support them in this transformational change.

We measure impact through:

Change in journalists

Journalists change their routines to include more transparency, more engagement and an increased respect for what communities need while gathering, producing and sharing information.

Change in content

News coverage has trust-building strategies baked in, so audiences learn more about how news works and journalism ethics as they consume day-to-day stories.

Change in relationships

Journalists better understand the people they aim to serve, resulting in more people in their diverse, complex communities seeing their values and experiences reflected in news coverage.

Change in communities

Increased engagement and listening, along with internal reflection by newsrooms leads to journalists helping communities understand, discuss, debate and solve community issues. 

Who we’ve worked with

We’ve trained thousands of journalists to better earn trust in their communities. Here is a look at all the communities where journalists have received support from our team.

Map of locations across the United States where we have supported newsroom teams.


We’ve coached and trained journalists in hundreds of newsrooms. We work with journalists in all mediums (TV, online, radio, etc.), in all regions (including international newsrooms) and all ownership models (non-profit, for profit, etc.) Below is a look at some of the newsrooms we have coached.

Map of locations across the United States where we have supported newsroom teams.

Our work transforms how newsrooms operate.

Read testimonials from newsroom partners of how our work has impacted their newsrooms and journalism. 

Our strategies are backed by research

It is important the industry’s collective understanding of trust continually evolves. We look for opportunities to work with academic researchers to better understand the perceptions, preferences, attitudes and behavior of news consumers.

Here’s some of the research we’ve invested in and what we’ve learned.

Head here to read more about our research and newsroom work around polarization

If you are a researcher interested in trust and perceptions of news, we’d love to talk about potential collaborations. Please email info@TrustingNews.org.

Newsroom case studies