WCPO Discusses Corporate Ownership

WCPO discussed the impact their corporate office has on their news decisions. They wrote, “that’s one of a few basic creeds of journalism ethics, and we claim it proudly. At WCPO-9 On Your Side, our journalism decisions – what we decide to cover and how we tell our stories – begin and end every day right here in our Cincinnati newsroom. Our corporate parent, The E. W. Scripps Company, is just a mile away, but our company leaders make it a point to stay out of our local journalism decision-making. They focus on running a strong and secure business; we focus on bringing you the news. You can trust us on that.”

Assistant director Lynn Walsh (she/her) is an Emmy award-winning journalist who has worked in investigative journalism at the national level and locally in California, Ohio, Texas and Florida. She is the former Ethics Chair for the Society of Professional Journalists and a past national president for the organization. Based in San Diego, Lynn is also an adjunct professor and freelance journalist. She can be reached at lynn@TrustingNews.org and on Twitter @lwalsh.

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