Trust 101 online course

Does your community value your journalism? Are you seen as a reliable resource, a fair provider of information and a reflection of community priorities? If not, what are you doing about it?

It’s no longer enough just to do good journalism and hope it gets noticed, respected and funded. Journalists must work to actively demonstrate credibility and earn their community’s trust.

The Trusting News team has designed an online course that will give you research-backed strategies for earning trust in the course of your work. And thanks to grant funding, the courses are totally free for now.

Participants get:

  • A better understanding of what leads to mistrust (in general and specifically for their own newsrooms)
  • Techniques for combating misassumptions and responding to criticism
  • An action plan for proactively describing the mission, values and processes of their journalism to their audiences
  • Coaching on how to get buy-in for the new ideas they’ll be pitching to their bosses and colleagues

This class is 100% remote and is facilitated through live video classes, video recordings, a Slack workspace and a few assignments. Instructors are members of the Trusting News team. We offer both monthlong classes for journalists and two-week classes for educators. In both classes, we’ll coach you while you craft a plan for your newsroom or teaching. No matter what your role is in your organization, you’ll come away with concrete strategies you can use right away.


NOW ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS: After a successful debut in summer 2020, we’re happy to bring back Trust 101 for Educators, which will run June 7-18, 2021. Fill out the form below. Applications will be reviewed beginning April 19. Be prepared to dedicate 5-6 hours a week to the class for that two-week period, with a mix of live and on-your-own training. You’ll leave class with assignments or exercises customized and ready for your own work. Want a sample now? Here’s a collection of assignments ready for you to borrow!

NOT AN EDUCATOR? Fill out this form to be alerted the next time we offer a general four-week Trust 101 class for journalists. 


What past participants have said: 

We invited previous participants in Trust 101 for Educators to share how the Trust 101 course helped them and what advice they’d have for people considering applying. Here’s what a few of them said:

“How we choose to invest our time says so much about our priorities. Anyone who wants to learn more about building trust and strengthening our work in journalism education should make time to participate in this essential professional development — the experience left me wanting to carve out *more* time to help students learn how to tell the stories behind their work.”
— Sarah Nichols, president, Journalism Education Association, and Whitney High Student Media; Rocklin, CA 

“Make the time. It will change the way you teach, it will change your students and it will move journalism forward.”
— Nora Baldner, Quincy University

“We often tell ourselves we can’t make time for these types of experiences because we’re accounting for time that will honestly just feel like it has been wasted. At no point during this course did I feel like my time was being wasted or that the conversation wasn’t, first, immediately valuable to my course design, but also second, going to result in things that I could actually use. This is not the kind of course where you may learn something and you may walk away with an idea for a lesson or two. You will have at least a lesson and an assignment in hand, complete and ready for implementation when you finish this course. And isn’t it more valuable in the end to create those things in collaboration rather than alone? That’s exactly what this course allows you to do.”
— Ashton Marra, WVU

Apply below! We’ll review applications on a rolling basis. Questions? Email