Newsroom Examples (NEW Divi)

Trusting News has curated a database of great ways newsrooms are building trust with their audiences. 

Our research has identified specific strategies and techniques for building trust, and we’ve used these groupings to organize the database and to describe the examples. 

Click the expandable boxes below to reveal a description of each strategy, plus a gallery that features that strategy’s most shining examples. 

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Advertising and Funding

These examples explain how money interacts with the news business. Some of these examples explain paywalls and how to tell your audience why you have one. Some discuss a news organization’s financial investment in the community, along with their ownership and corporate structure. Others address how advertising, donations, subscriptions and memberships work.

How News Works

These examples explain how journalists do their jobs. Think about the decisions journalists are making and the process involved in individual stories. But also consider the bigger picture, such as company-wide or industry-wide policies and processes. Some examples include discussions of story selection and sourcing.

Ethics and Values

These examples discuss the ethics that guide journalists’ work, how they make decisions and what motivations and drives their coverage.

Bias and Fairness

These examples show how journalists can make it clear that their goal is to be fair, and their agenda is to serve their community. In some of these examples, newsrooms discuss how they work to minimize harm and eliminate sensationalism.

Engaging with Users

These examples show how newsrooms have worked to communicate with their users and ask for feedback. Some of the examples focus on engagement on social media and online platforms, while others highlight the use of phone calls and in-person events.

Who are Journalists?

These examples show how newsrooms have highlighted the experiences and personalities of their journalists. By highlighting their expertise, they are working to demonstrate the credibility of their journalists and their newsrooms.

Story Topics

Use this gallery to find newsroom examples on a specific story topic. The Trusting News team is finding news consumers tend to have more questions about certain story topics, including crime coverage, political stories and breaking news events.