Trust Kits

Journalism has a trust problem. Let’s start solving it.

The public’s trust in news media keeps declining. It’s time for journalists to get to work.  

Since 2016, we’ve been learning (alongside our partner newsrooms) about simple steps journalists can take to build trust. We can explain why we’re worthy of the public’s time, attention and support. We can get on the record about our mission, ethics and decision-making processes. We can listen with humility to better understand how people see our coverage and what they need from us. 

Trust Kits offer step-by-step guides for journalists ready to demonstrate credibility and actively earn trust. 

These kits have everything you need to start explaining the parts of journalism we know news consumers are most curious (and most uninformed) about. Each Trust Kit breaks down big trust-building strategies into actionable steps so you can start being more transparent with your audience and be seen as a credible news source.

Start exploring by selecting any of the bolded topics below.

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FREE, LIVE TRAINING: If you’re wanting more guidance and want to hear more on how newsrooms are doing this work, join us for a series of free mini trainings around these trust building blocks. The next one “How to add transparency into daily coverage” will be at 2 p.m. Thursday, June 15.

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Listening to reach new audiences

Asking for audience input

Moderating comments

Who are journalists?

Ethics and Fairness

Make your ethics public


Reporter mission statements  

Daily transparency

Checking for bias and polarization 

Create a strong “About us” page 

How News Works

Coverage decisions

Explaining sourcing

Earning trust with sources

Reporting process

Navigating the news

Funding and ownership

Coverage topics

Labeling opinion content

Rethinking crime coverage

Build trust on-air 

Build trust with products

Elections coverage

Newsroom Culture

Getting buy-in for trust work

Earning trust in any role